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Oy Vey!

I'm not even going to attempt to finish the last entry. I won't have the time too anyway. I never get so much as five minutes worth of privacy anyway. So I shall comment on other things. Like the record companies clearly wanting to take all of my cash come September 12. Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake and John Mayer released all on one day. Not to mention that is the day I must be at Northwestern. Clearly I will be making a pit stop at some CD store to purchase some CDs. Shit, interruption calls. Until next time...ta.

Whole Sack of Boredom

Over the weekend I recieved my dorm information. I got my first choice dorm, the Communications Residential College, which I didn't realize is right off the water. Yes, that does mean that my ass will be freezing off doubly in the Chicago winters. I am one silly goose. I talked to my roomate via facebook. She seems nice. Hopefully she won't pull an Aleksey :shudders: or a Cauchi :yikes: But yeah, I stepped on a nail today. That's no fun whatsoever. Don't let anyone tell you different. So, yeah, boredom. Jersey is one big batch of boring. Oh an I need to call the Fitz because he keeps leaving me messages. I'm going to Christopher St. Wednesday. Yeah, so .....TA!

We are young, we run green,
Keep our teeth, nice and clean,
See our friends, see the sights, feel alright,
We wake up, we go out, smoke a fag,
Put it out, see our friends,
See the sights, feel alright,

Are we like you?
I can't be sure,
Of the scene, as she turns,
We are strange in our worlds,

But we are young, we get by,
Can't go mad, ain't got time,
Sleep around, if we like,
But we're alright,
Got some cash, bought some wheels,
Took it out, 'cross the fields,
Lost control, hit a wall,
But we're alright,

Are we like you,
I can't be sure,
Of the scene, as she turns,
We are strange in our worlds,

But we are young, we run green,
Keep our teeth, nice and clean,
See our friends, see the sights, feel alright,

Are we like you,
I can't be sure,
Of the scene, as she turns,
We are strange in our world,

But we are young, we run green,
Keep our teeth, nice and clean,
See our friends, see the sights, feel alright.
           ~Alright, Supergrass

There goes my reason to remain

So this weekend was semi-eventful. I was helping my mom and dad clean out the garage and got bit by something and now there is a semihuge sore bump on my forearm. Fun stuff. Also I went to see Superman Returns which I liked a great deal despite Kate Bosworth's jutting bones. I mean really Kate, eat something, you'd look so much better with some sort of substance to you. Brandon Routh is hot. Like really, there should have been more scenes of him sans shirt because really, hot hot hotness right there. I am not really into the whole superhero, comic book thing and one of my gripes about going to see movies like X-Men and Spiderman in the theatres is that there is always either some prepubescent comic book geek or a middle aged man who is far too old to be wearing t-shirts with comic book characters on the front sitting by me complaining about the movie. I don't read comic books and frankly I don't give a shit if the portrayal of the characters coincides with the comic book. But I always, always, always get in ear full in those movies. But this time, except from an outburst by a woman sitting next to me when she found out the BIG TWIST(which was totally not that big of a twist but was very well done as was the rest of the film), there was nothing. Plus I got to see it on the IMAX screen in 3D which is pretty cool and really when the hell did I become such a big geek. Um also, my grandfather was kind of in the hospital but he's not anymore...I one ever tells me anything so I'm at a loss. When I talked to him he seemed fine but...whatever.

Holy SHIT...

Queer Duck the movie?!?!??!?!?!? Thank You LOGO! Also Noah's Arc season two, yay!! Footballer's Wive$....just, wow.

And that is all.

Oh noes she's a feminist....

So, I saw Keane today at Border's which was fun. I didn't get to have my CD signed, which sucked, but they performed so all was well.

You know, I love how my Myspace is bare because I don't have the time or patience to visit that sight, yet there are live five random pictures of me floating on there. Excuse me people, who give you permission to put up pictures of me. Jeez! But anyway, Myspace is so funny. All the pictures are of heavily made up chicks trying to look attractive. For who I ask? The perverted old farts who look at girls pictures of themselves trying to look seductive? And it's amazing how the
"seductive" look is just like their head turned down while their looking at the camera with mock innocence and like this stupid smirk, cause it's never a smile. Apparently seductresses don't smile, they smirk. I mean really, doesn't it bother anyone that in order to look "seductive" these chicks are attempting to summon the expression of a five year old. Ladies, THAT'S NOT HOT. See, this is reason number 2478293474 why I could never be a lesbian. Oh and the guys, all their pictures are either shirtless to show off their lack of muscle mass or of them not smiling but looking pissed the fuck off, cause that's real attractive. I will never understand that about guys. They don't smile in pictures, instead they do this weird facial expression, something in between a scowl and a smirk. As if they're just thinking, "as soon as this douche puts down the camera I am going to rip their balls off." But I can forgive them slightly because in order to look more attractive they don't pretend their a "naughty, naughty little boy." Cause eeewww, paedophilia=not hot, disgusting and sick.

I could go into a whole rant about how women should redefine how they think of themselves as sexy, focus less on the "I'm so innocent and pliable" approach and act their age. I could go into how that while that approach may get you some guy it will continue to lay the fabric of men thinking of women as the dumber, weaker sex. I could go on and on and on about how I think women are ridiculously stupid for steeping to such low levels to attract men when they are only like teenagers, yeah boycrazy and what not but have some self respect.

The lowest point in my life would come if I lost my self respect. If I at any point in time act like a vapid, worthless, naive little nit wit in order to attract some guy I know I will have reached it.

And now I step off my feminist soap box.

Bitches ain't shit...

Who the fuck told me it was a good idea to live in a dorm? Who? I have never shared my room with anyone for more than five days. Italy doesn't count because it was Ashley and we're practically the same person. Plus, my roomate will not be the Short One. She will not get when I wake up and groggily start singing, "Daniel Franco where did you go-o-o." She will not freak out when I tell here there are people in the walls. And she won't get drunk and start blurting out ridiculous sayings to heartbroken chicks like, "It's okay Michelle, there are other guys." Who said this was a smart idea? I will personally smite anyone who told me that dorming is part of the college experience. I will smite them, damnit!!!

Ok, and I'm better. So yeah, dorming at Northwestern, kinda freaking out about it. I'm going to go take a Valium now before I burst a blood vessel.

American Idol...

I WANT TO HAVE ACE YOUNG'S BABIES. OMG I love him. First George Michael, now singing Michael Jackson in falsetto. Plus he's pretty. And Will Makar, he's so cute. He reminds me of Fred Savage, who I used to have a mega crush on. I also liked Taylor Hicks and Elliot Yamin. I definetly think a guy will win this year. I don't like many of the girls this year.

Watching America's Next Top Model, interesting. No one really stands out yet. Why the fuck is Will Smith's son on this show? He's part of the press? Giant wtf moment for me. Oh and Furanda is kind of fug, nice but fug. That Dani chick is an idiot. Why the hell would you come into a competition and wish to enter a world that has so many gay men and say that you dislike gay men. Ummm.....DUMBASS.

Sometimes I wonder why people are so fucking dense. God, buy a clue. I'm sending out enough signals that I could land a fucking airplane.

HALF A HOMO, dear Judith, HALF A HOMO.

Golden Globes

I'm going to smack Dennis Quaid. "Let's just say it rhymes with chick flick." Muah ha ha Dennis Quaid, muah ha ha. Not! Dumbass. I love the look Michelle give Heath after he said that. It was so "If I wasn't so classy I would get up and smack a bitch." I hope his brother beat his ass for that comment. Anyway, ummm I hate Mr. Donacik for making us hand in an assignment during midterms, on the day before our Discrete midterm. It's so stupid.

Meh! Heath didn't get the Best Actor Award. I would say he was robbed but I didn't see Capote so I really wouldn't know. But damn I really really wish he had won. By the way where the fuck is Jake?

YAY for Best Picture. Just YAY!!!!! Four out of seven is excellent, even though they should have won seven. Umm is it just me or did Michelle look scared the entire night, except when she looked like she wanted to smack Dennis Quaid?

Are we forgetting artistic licence?

Okay so I am very frustrated. We have to write poems on a blog for Writing Fic & Poetry. The blog is with my class and a class in Georgia. Our assignment was to write about a secondary fictional character so naturally I thought "JACK TWIST YAY!" But anyway, I wrote the poem and now I have all these comments from people that say, "The poem is beautifully written but you should have been more obvious about who it is because really my brain can't function enough to use it so TELL US TELL US TELL US." The bastards! *and exhale* I'm fine really but for some reason that really irked me. It's my fucking poem and if I don't want to be glaringly obvious about who it's written about, so the fuck what. And anyway, I have a reason for it not being obvious, besides the fact that obvious poems are so obviously boring, it has to do with Jack and Ennis's love for each other. But anyway I saw all the comments, freaked out and reposted the damned thing with footnotes. GUH!

ASHLEY ALBANO.................CALL ME ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1, 2, 3, 4,'re stupid....

My mother is insane. We just finished snarking while watching The O.C and now she's snarking about True Life and I am dying of laughter. Seriously I like can't breathe. Ok, more laughter when I'm not practically dying of laughter.

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